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Easy steps to change NAT type to open :

My name is Jim and I will tell you about what settings do you need to adjust in order to change the NAT type to open on the router.

When I was handling calls as a senior technical support engineer for almost 5 years, I have found number of people complaining about NAT error on Xbox, Playstation and other gaming devices. This error is caused mainly by firewalls and some other router settings which you can easily troubleshoot.

People are really very frustrated with this error and just want to fix it immediately. Now it may be a problem with the router settings or it may be problem with the modem settings also.

Let’s understand What is NAT ?

NAT means Network address Translation. It is a networking concept mainly used by a router by which router can share one public IP address with multiple private addresses.

I am not going into deep explanation.

What I observed in these 5 years is that people using DSL internet connection are facing this NAT issue. Not all DSL Internet users !

Why? Because they are using Internet modem from ISP which has inbuilt router. And they connect their own wireless high speed router to this modem. So there are 2 routers in the network connected to each other and this may be the main reason for NAT error.

There are 3 types of NAT errors which I know can cause problem.

Open NAT: It is not problematic. It is actually what you are looking for. This means the settings on the router are proper.

Moderate NAT: You can talk to other players online who have open or moderate NAT.

Strict NAT: You can not talk to the players who have moderate or strict NAT.

How to change NAT type to open ?

This is what everybody is looking for.

If you are using DSL Internet service then make sure that Internet modem (provided by Internet service provider) is in a bridge ( or PPPoE ) mode. If you connect your computer directly to the modem, your computer should get public IP address from the modem (not private IP address like 192.168.x.x).

Connect the computer directly to the modem and check the IP address on the computer. If it is a private IP like 192.168.x.x or 172.x.x.x then first get in touch with your Internet service provider and convert the modem into bridge or PPPoE mode.

If your computer is getting public IP address from the modem then modem is not the problem.

You will need to change the settings on the router.

Connect the computer to the router. Open the setup page of the router. Each router has it’s own IP address. You need to check the IP address and open the setup page.

Open command prompt on a Windows computer. In the command prompt type ipconfig and hit enter on the keyboard. You will now get the IP address of the computer and the router. Look for default gateway number. Note it down. Open Internet browser like Firefox, Internet explorer or Chrome. In the address bar type the IP address of the router. It will now ask for the user name and password to log in to the setup page. Each router has default password and user name. For example default password of Linksys router is admin.

If the default password is not working then you may need to reset the router to factory default settings. However remember that if you reset the router, it will come back to factory default settings and you will lose all the settings. That will lead to reconfiguration of the network.

Easy steps to open setup page of the router.

Once you open the setup page of the router, look for the MTU settings on the router.

For example, you will see MTU settings on the Basic setup tab. Change it to manual and change the MTU size to 1365. This is not the final value for MTU size, you may need to try different size. MTU means Maximum transmission unit.

Disable firewall on the router if any. Do not disable SPI Firewall on the router. It needs to be enabled.

You can also try changing the settings of UPnP on the router. See if that makes any difference. If it is enabled then disable it and see if that helps you. If it is disabled then enabled it and check it again.

You may also need to open some port numbers on the router. Assign a static IP address to the gaming device and forward the ports for that IP address.

Let’s take an example of Xbox. What I will do? I will assign a static IP address to the Xbox that is not in the range of router’s DHCP range. I am using Linksys E4200 and it’s IP address is Now I will assign (this is just an example). Now I will forward ports for this static number of Xbox.

change NAT type to open


change NAT type to open

For example, Xbox needs port number 53, 80-88, 3074.

For example, open the setup page of the Linksys router. Go to Applications and gaming tab. Click on Port Forwarding tab. Now forward the ports as shown in the picture above.

Playstation needs ports 80 , 443-447, 5223, 3478-3479, 3658, 10000-20000. These numbers may be different. You can check the required port numbers on the gaming station website.

Generally these changes will change NAT type to open. If this does not work then I will suggest you to upgrade firmware on the router.

Make sure that your router is running on latest firmware. If it is old router then you must upgrade the firmware.

After upgrading the firmware, reset the router and reconfigure it. Remember, if you reset the device, it will come back to factory default settings and you will lose all the settings of the network.

Easy steps to change settings on the router

Here is what I have for you:

Your wireless router has limited free technical support. If your device is not under that warranty period then you may need to pay for the support.

I can suggest you Fix Home Network’s Easy setup guide which can help you fix your network issues and help you change NAT type to open.



7 comments on “How to change NAT type to open

  1. I am replacing the Linksys WRT160N with the new E4200.
    I was not able to play games on my xbox when I was using the Linksys WRT160N .
    that is why I bought a new one. but I get the NAT type error when I try to play games with other people.
    It says it is strict. how do I change NAT type to open ?

  2. I tried changing many settings but still the NAT type is not open. It shows moderate type.
    I want to play games with my friends online.
    I called my Internet service provider (DSL) and they said everything is working fine on their end. And that is true because if I connect connect Xbox directly to the modem, there is no NAT type error. I can play games online. Its only when I connect it to the gateway, I have problems.

  3. NAT type is not open.
    I have a DSL Internet service which is connected to WRT160N. I called my ISP and they said the modem is in bridge mode. I changed the IP address. Opened the required ports and still the NAT type is not open.

  4. Don’t know what to do? I have tried all the solutions from almost all the websites. Tired of all the solutions now. Need help.

  5. Tried many settings but nothing is working. It is still type 2. I just bought new EA4500 and got it working without any problem. I think the problem was old slow speed gateway.

  6. That is true with DSL connection. I had same issue when I was using DSL. Now I am using cable Internet and not getting any error. I used to convert modem in to bridge mode and to be honest I was expert in that.

  7. I was using AT&T Internet connection. My Internet modem was not in the bridge mode and that is why I was getting error while playing game on Xbox. I called up AT&T and they changed my modem in to PPPoE mode. Now I can play without any error.

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