Linksys EA4500 router setup and troubleshooting

Linksys EA4500 router is a high speed App enabled wireless router and the installation process is just like other Linksys router setup.

My name is Jim and I will help you configure Linksys EA4500 router with or without Cisco connect software. I was working as a Senior technical support Engg. for more than 5 years and I have answered thousands of tech-support calls. Linksys router setup is really easy and you can do it yourself.

Features of Linksys EA4500 router:

EA4500 is App Enabled N900Dual-Band Wireless Router with Gigabit Ethernet port.

The Linksys EA4500 has transfer rates of up to 450 + 450 Mbps to connect your devices at ultra fast speed.

Dual-band technology – It doubles your network bandwidth with its simultaneous dual-band N 2.4 and 5 GHz designed to avoid interference and maximize throughput.


Superior wireless coverage – Built with leading 802.11n wireless technology, the EA4500 also has Full 3×3 MIMO antenna array which boosts signal strength on 2.4 and 5 GHz radios.

Gigabit Ethernet –  It has four (4) Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000) ports for quick file sharing between other Gigabit-enabled devices.

USB Storage Port – Add external storage, printers and other devices to share across your network.

IPv6 enabled – IPv6 is a new IP protocol that uses simplified packet headers and requires IPSec as a fundamental interoperability requirement.

Guest Access – Grant Internet access to visiting friends and family, while keeping your own information protected. It allows you to provide Internet access up to 50 guests visiting your home.

I will explain you few important steps of Linksys router setup process. If you want, you can skip the explanation and start installing your Linksys EA4500 router by clicking on this Link .

Linksys EA4500 router setup using Cisco connect software

Let me first tell you about Cisco connect software. Cisco connect is a software used to install and manage Linksys E-series and EA-series routers. I think this is one of the good software to control settings of the network.

The screen is usually divided into 4 sections.

1. Router settings: On this screen, you will find the name and password of your router and wireless network. By clicking on Advanced settings, you can open the setup page of Linksys router.

2. Computers and Devices: This option will show you how many computers or devices are connected to the router.

3. Guest Access: You can manage Guest network settings. You can disable or change the number of guest users.

4. Parental control: This is one of the features wherein you will be able to restrict the Internet access times for your children.

The Configuration is very simple.

Connect the modem to the Internet port on the router. Connect the computer to Ethernet port 1.

I will advise you to reset the router first.

Run the Cisco connect software on the main computer. It will start installing your network automatically. At the end you will the name and password of your wireless network. You can later on change these settings.

Linksys router setup without Cisco connect software:

Like other Linksys routers, you can open the setup page EA4500 and change the settings manually.

Make sure that your router is running on a latest firmware.

Step 1: Connect the main computer directly to the modem. Make sure that your main computer can access Internet directly through the modem.

Step 2: Press and hold reset button on EA4500 for 30 seconds. Release the reset button and wait for 30 seconds. Power cycle the router.

Step 3: Connect the modem to the Internet port and computer to Ethernet port 1 on the EA4500.

Step 4: Open the Internet browser. In the address bar type The default IP address of EA4500 is

It will ask you for user name and password to log in to the router settings. The default password of Linksys EA4500 is admin, leave the user name blank. That will open the Linksys router setup page.

Step 5: Now change the Internet connection settings according to your Internet service provider. For Cable Internet service, You will need to clone the MAC address of the main computer. For DSL Internet service, you may need to change the PPPoE settings or change the router IP address.

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Step 6: Once you change the Internet connection settings successfully, your main computer will be able to access Internet through EA4500. Now you need to create a wireless network for all the other computers and devices. Change the name of the wireless network and do not forget to secure wireless network.

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Step 7: Now try to connect to the WiFi on all the computers and devices. Search for the WiFi on your computer. Enter the correct security password and get connected.

Read how to connect to the WiFi on Windows or MAC computers.

My observation is that people make mistakes while changing Internet connection settings. This is the most important part of the configuration.

I will suggest you to use Fix home Network‘s Easy Network Guide for Linksys router setup without installation software. This Guide will help you find the settings and also help you to setup your Linksys EA4500 router in case you need to reset it.