Linksys router setup

Linksys router setup is really easy and anybody can do it at home or small office network without installation CD.

No matter what model number you are using, basic installation process will remain same for all the models. So just forget about the model number.

I was using basic wireless G model WRT54G at my home and I really like this model. Now I am using Linksys E4200 wireless router just for better wireless speed.

I will explain you briefly about some standard installation steps. If you don’t want to go through explanation then you can simply start installing your Linksys router by clicking this link.

Linksys router setup with Cable and DSL Internet service:

Before we start installation, make sure that Internet connection through the modem is working properly.

Connect the computer directly to the modem and try to access Internet through the modem. If you are able to access the Internet then modem is working fine. If you are not able to access Internet through the modem then I guess you will need to call your Internet service provider first and get your connection working. In some cases of DSL internet service, you may not be able to access Internet through modem, in that case you must be having a PPPOE user name and password given by your ISP.

Step 1: Resetting the Linksys router.

First I will suggest you to reset the Linksys router if this is the first time you are installing it or you want to reconfigure the network from the scratch.

Step 2. Making connections:

Connect the modem to the Internet port and computer to one of the 4 Ethernet ports on the router. Make sure that you are connecting the devices properly. Check the status of lights also. You will 4 lights blinking, power, Ethernet, wireless (WLAN) and Internet.

How to connect and computer to Linksys router
How to connect modem and computer

Because I know, many of you will make reverse connection. They will connect computer to the Internet port and modem to Ethernet port. They will try lots of troubleshooting and finally call tech support. And what you will find? Wrong connections ! I have fixed many routers just by making proper connections only.

Step 3: Open the Linksys router setup page.

Check the IP address of the computer.

If it is windows computer then open command prompt and type ipconfig . You will see the IP address and default gateway. Note down the default gateway number.

Linksys router setup page
Linksys router setup page

If it is MAC computer the click on Apple sign in the top left, go to system preferences and Select Network. Go to Advanced and TCP/IP tab. You will see the router number. Note it down.

The default IP address of almost all the models of Linksys router is Open the Internet browser and in the address bar type the router IP address and hit go. It will ask you for the user name and password to log in to Linksys router setup page. The default password is admin, leave the user name blank. You will be on the setup page.

Step 4: Change the Internet connection settings.

Change the Internet connection settings according to your Internet service provider. This is the main part of Linksys router setup process. If you make mistake here, it will not work.

In case of Cable Internet provider, you need to clone the MAC address of your main computer.

For DSL Internet provider, you need to change the PPPoE settings or you may need to change the IP address of the router.

See How to change Internet connection settings.

Step 5: Create a wireless network.

Once you change the Internet connection settings successfully, your main computer will be able to access Internet when wired to the router. Now you will need to change the wireless network settings and make it secured.

There are various ways to secure wireless network. But I will suggest you not to go through all the methods. Just change the wireless network name SSID and change the security mode to WPA or WPA2. Do not share your password with anybody.
You don’t need to enable MAC address filter, disable SSID broadcast and all other security types. This is just wastage of time and it will make it more complicated.

Read how to secure wireless network

Step 6: Connect other devices to the network.

Now your wireless network is ready with the security enabled. You have to connect all your other wired and wireless devices to the new network.

If it is a wired computer or device then you simply need to connect Ethernet cable from the router to the computer and it will start working.

If it is a wireless computer or device then you need to search for the wireless network and connect to it. The security is case sensitive. So enter the key properly.

Read How to connect to the wireless network on Windows or MAC computers.

How to setup Linksys E-series and EA-series router using Cisco connect software.

Linksys E-series and EA-series routers come with the installation software which is called as Cisco connect software.

I think this is one of the best installation software using which you can handle your network easily. You will see all the network settings on a single screen.

Connect the modem and main computer to the router with the Ethernet cable. Run the Installation CD on the main computer. It will start settings up your router automatically. You don’t need to do anything. If it is a DSL PPPoE connection then it will ask you for the PPPoE log in details.

Cisco connect software for Linksys router
Cisco connect software for Linksys router

At the end you will see the name of your wireless network which will like “red monkey” or “white banana” or some other funny name. You can latest change this name. The router password will be the password of your wireless network or wireless network key. The router password and wireless network key will be same.

I will suggest you to use Fix home Network‘s FREE Easy Network Guide and install your router manually. This Guide will help you find the settings and also help you to setup your wireless router in case you need to reset it.

I think Linksys router setup without installation software is really easy. However in case of Linksys E1000, E2000, E3000 routers, you will not be able to use Guest network without Cisco connect software. So if you want to use Guest network feature then use Cisco connect software.