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There are many websites which will give you tons of information about Linksys router setup and networking. But do you really think you need that much information to fix your router?

Do you know?

Your router or any other device has Free technical support only for a limited period of time. If your device is out of free technical support period, then you have to pay for the support. The price of a one time technical support can be more than $30 or $40.

You just need few simple steps to get your router up and running immediately.

I was working as a Technical support executive and I have answered thousands of calls in last 5 years.

What is my observation?

More than 90% will call tech-support for help after a long search on the Internet. And they will be ready to pay $30 or $40 for the support.

As I said, you will get all types of information about Linksys router setup on the Internet but not the actual solution. You will keep on searching and experimenting on your Linksys router.

The setup is easy but if you make a single mistake, you will not be able to access Internet through the router.

I will give you those simple steps according to your Linksys router model. Just tell me what is the model number of your router, who is your Internet service provider, how many wired and wireless computers do you have.

And I will send you all the required steps according to your network issue.

We will help you:

How to Setup router With Cable Internet service provider.
How to Setup the router with DSL Internet service provider
Router was working before but not now
How to Find the wireless network key or WEP, WPA, WPA2 password
How to Connect to the wireless network on Windows OR MAC computer
How to Check the settings of the router
How to Setup a secured wireless network
How to Open the Ports on the router
Problem connecting to the wired or wireless network
How to troubleshoot the router or the network
How to add a new computer to the existing wired or wireless network
One or more computers are not able to access the Internet
Wireless network adapter issue
How to upgrade the Firmware of the router
Possible solution for the dropping Internet through the router
How to connect the X box, Play station or Nintendo WII to the network
How to set the NAT type to open.

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 I think $9 for 1 month free technical support for simple Linksys router setup is really a good offer for you. It will definitely save your money and time. 



2 comments on “Linksys router setup in just $9

  1. This is great.
    Got my network fixed in minutes.
    I was not able to connect one of my computers to the WiFi. It was old XP laptop. Got all the troubleshooting steps and working as well.

  2. This is really great service. My WT120N is more than 2 years old and it is out of support.
    You saved my money. The steps are really easy. Thanks again.

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