Wireless network connection on windows 7 and vista

My name is Jim and I would like to share some useful tips about troubleshooting Wireless network connection on Windows 7 and Vista computers. We will also discuss easy ways to fix errors which you may face while connecting your Vista or 7 laptop or desktop to the WiFi.

I was working as a Senior technical support Executive for more than 5 years and I have answered thousands of tech support calls. I have found Windows 7 more user friendly than Windows Vista. And Windows Vistas had a lot of issues. But I think connection on XP is easier than Vista or 7.

Anyways, lets start troubleshooting your connection issues.

Before connecting your desktop or laptop to the WiFi, you must know the settings of your router. What do you need? You need the name of your wireless network also called as SSID. And if your WiFi is secured then you will need the correct security key. The security key is case sensitive. So I will suggest you to open the setup page of the router and verify the security settings. If you are not sure about settings then read how to find security settings on the router.

I will explain you some tips about how to connect to the wireless network and the common error messages that you may get. How to fix the errors? And what are the possible reasons? If you want you can skip the explanation and start connecting your computer to the wireless by clicking this link.

In my opinion, you should first verify that Wireless network adapter on your computer is working properly and there is no problem with adapter.

Open Device Manager.

Click Start => Control Panel => System and securities => Device Manager.

Or Start => Control Panel => System and maintenance => Device Manager.

In the Device Manager list, look for Network adapters. Under Network adapters you will see the Wireless adapter. Right click on it and go to properties.  Male sure that it says ” Device is working properly”. If the device is not working properly then you may need to reinstall the drivers. If it is disabled then enable it. There moght be an error code which will explain you the exact problem with the adapter. See the explanation of all the error codes in device manager.

If the device is not listed under Network adapters then check the device under “Other devices”. If the device is not listed anywhere then you may need to contact your computer vendor.

Easy steps to connect to the wireless network:

Step 1: Find wireless network connection icon on your computer.

On your computer screen, you will wireless network connection icon in the right hand bottom corner. It looks like a computer monitor or like wireless signal bars.

Wireless network connection on Vista

On windows Vista, right click on it and go to Connect to a Network.

On Windows 7, click on icon and go to Connect to a network.

Or open Network and Sharing center and you will see “Connect to a Network”.

Step 2: Search for wireless network:

Once you click on Connect to a network, you will see the list of available SSIDs in that area. Select your network from the list.

What if your SSID is not in the list?

Make sure that your router is broadcasting SSID. Try changing wireless channel on the router. If you are using a laptop then make sure that WiFI switch on your laptop is turned ON. For example, you can turn ON the WiFi switch on DELL laptop by using Fn and F2 keys at the same time.

Step 3: Connect to the network.

Once you select your SSID, click connect at the bottom. If your WiFi is secured then it will ask you for the security key or password. Enter the correct password and it will let you join the WiFi and you will be able to access Internet. The security key or password is case sensitive so be careful while entering the password. I have seen many people making mistakes with the password.

Common errors on WIndows Vista or 7:

Settings saved on this computer do not match the requirement: This error means there is a profile saved on your computer which has incorrect settings. You can delete all the profiles from the preferred list and add a new one.

Press the configuration button: You can skip this step and add the network manually.

Enter the PIN: Skip this step and enter the password. Or add a wireless network manually.

Windows can not connect to this network: Make sure that you are entering the correct network password. Also make sure that MAC filter is disabled on the router. Try changing the channel.

I will suggest you to use Fix Home Network’s Easy setup Guide to fix all the router and network related issues. It will also explain you how to fix the errors while connecting to the WiFi.

I think I have tried to explain you few troubleshooting tips for Wireless network connection on Windows Vista or 7 computers.