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Wireless network key is the basic requirement of wireless network connection on any networking device.

My name is Jim and I will tell you how to find wireless security key from your router at home. I was working as a technical support Engineer for almost 5 years. I have answered thousands of technical support calls and not to say, many of them were only for wireless security key.

Sometimes it is really difficult to find the wireless network password from your router. Because you don’t know what it is and why do you need it? Second, you don’t know who installed it and when?

Let me tell you that wireless network key is nothing but the password to join your Wi-Fi connection. You must have setup password while installing your network router (it may be long time back). Some routers change settings automatically and secure your network when you run the installation program. For example, Linksys E-series routers use Cisco connect software for initial installation. This software changes all the router settings automatically and install a password also. If you open the Cisco connect software, you will find the router name and password.

I will give you some information about wireless network connection  settings below or you can simply start finding your wireless network key by clicking on this link

Easy steps to find wireless network key:

Each wireless router has it’s own IP address and setup page. Setup page is the page where you will find all the settings of your network. First you will need to find the IP address of the router.

Connect one computer to the router with the Ethernet cable. Do not use wireless computer to open the setup page. You can definitely be able to open the setup page using wireless computer but it is recommended that your computer should be connected with the Ethernet cable.

On Windows computer, open command prompt and type ipconfig. Hit enter on the keyboard. You will see IP address and the default gateway number. Note then down on a piece of paper. Default gateway is the number that you will need to open the setup page of the router.

On MAC computer, click on Apple icon in the top left corner. Click on System preferences and then go to Networks. You will the options for the network connection. Select built in Ethernet and click on Advanced. Click on TCP/IP tab. Now you will see the router number.

Open Internet browser and in the address bar type the default gateway. It will ask you for the router log in name and password. Now this router log in name and password is not the wireless network password. Each router has default user name and password. For example, Linksys router default password is admin.

If the default password is not working then you can try some of your common passwords. If nothing is working then you may need to reset the router to factory default settings. Remember if you reset the router, it will come back to factory default settings  and you will lose all the settings. You will need to reconfigure the network from the scratch. So before resetting the router, think twice.

I have handled many calls where people end up resetting the router and starting from the scratch. It is time consuming (but not difficult).

Once you open the setup page of the wireless router. Go to the wireless section and you will find the wireless network key. If you are using WEP security mode then Key 1 is the network key and not the passphrase.

For example, open the setup page of Linksys router. You will see Wireless tab. Just below the wireless tab, you will see Wireless security sub tab. If you click on this sub tab, you will see your wireless network key. If it is set to WEP then you will see a long number in Key 1 box. Note that number.

If you have Linksys E-series or EA-series router then you can simply open the Cisco connect software (which may be installed on your main computer) and go to router settings section. You will see the router name and wireless network key.

Here is what I have for you.

If your wireless router is old and you call the manufacturer for help then you may need to pay for the support.

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I will suggest you to use Fix home Network‘s Easy Network Guide and find your wireless network key easily. This Guide will help you find the wireless network connection settings and also help you to setup your router in case you need to reset it.



10 comments on “Wireless network key for wireless network connection

  1. I am trying to connect my laptop to the network. I have my WEP password but when I enter that password, it is not accepted. Now I can not join the network. I am sure that my WEP network key is correct. What can I do now? My other computers are connected and don’t want to make any changes.

  2. The security key is not working.
    I want to connect my new laptop to the WiFi. I think I have the correct security key but it is not taking it.
    My old laptop is connected and it can access the Internet. I do not have any wired computer.
    When I try to open the setup page of the router, it asks me for the log in password which I don’t know. Will I lose internet if I reset it? Is there a way to get the security key without resetting it?

  3. I am trying to connect old XP laptop to the WiFi and can not get on the Internet. I have 2 more laptops which are connected and working just fine. I use WEP securoty and have the correct 10 digit password. But it says Limited or no connectivity.

  4. I am trying to connect to the WiFi on my old laptop. It was connected before and was working properly. Somehow got disconnected. Now it is not getting on WiFi. I get error Limited or no connectivity. I have the correct password but still not able to access internet.

  5. Not able to connect kindle to the WiFi. I have 2 laptops and both are working on the Internet. I just bought Kindle and tryi to connect it to WiFi. I have WEP setup and I have correct 10 digit security password. But kindle is not connecting to WiFi. The laptops are connected with the same password.

  6. I am using WEP and getting slow speed on my laptop. I doubt someone might be stealing my Internet. How do I know how many computers are connected to my router. I have Linksys WRT120N.

    1. You can try changing the security mode to WPA2 if your computers are using Windows Vista/7. WEP will always lower down the speed and it is easy to crack. I will advise you to change it to WPA or WPA2 and do not share your password. Open the setup page of the router. Go to Status tab. Click on Local network sub tab. Click on DHCP client table. You will see the list of computers connected to your SSID.

  7. I was typing incorrect password. The password is case sensitive. If you are using WEP type then make sure that it’s number 0 and not letter o. I had wasted 3 hours on because of this incorrect password. I was typing letter o instrad of number 0.

  8. Can not connect my iPad to the wifi. I know I have the correct key and I am entering the correct password. I also have laptop and one wireless PC which are connected with the same key. Only iPad is not able to join the wifi. I have opened the setup page and verified the password many times. When I enter the key, nothing happens. need help.

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