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Wireless router setup at home or small office network:

My name is Jim and I will tell you how to setup and troubleshoot wired or wireless network at home. I was working as a Senior Technical Support Executive for more than 5 years.

I was taking calls and fixing network related issues over the phone. I have troubleshooted almost all the routers like Linksys, Netgear, D-link and others too. I have answered thousands of calls and resolved more than 98% issues.

Now, let’s talk about your router setup with Cable or DSL Internet service provider.

Do you want to know what is router, why do you need it, what is firmware and how does it work? I am not going to tell you technical specification of each router. I will simply tell you how to install it and fix it.

Easy steps to setup your wireless router at home.

Step 1: If you are installing your router for the first time or if you want to reconfigure the entire network then I will suggest you to reset the router first.

Step 2: Check the Internet connection through the modem.

Connect your main computer directly to the modem and make sure that Internet is working through the modem. If your main computer is not able to access the Internet through the modem then I think you should first contact the Internet service provider. When I used to take calls, more than 30% users were not able to access the Internet through the modem. They had to call the Internet service provider. Before you blame your router, make sure that culprit is not modem.

Step 3: Make proper connections to the router.

Connect the modem to the Internet port and computer to one of the Ethernet ports on the router. Generally, there are 4 Ethernet ports on the router which are together and Internet port would be standing alone. If you connect your computer to the Internet port instead of Ethernet port, it is not going to work. Because your computer will not get IP address and it will not communicate with the router.

How to connect computer and modem to the router
How to connect computer and modem to the router

I have fixed many calls just by making proper connections only.

Step 4: Open the setup page of the router.

Each and every router has a web based Interface where you can change the settings manually. I am talking about routers that are used for home or small office networks only.

Router is a device which will assign IP addresses to all the computers and devices connected to the network. Router also needs IP address to communicate with other devices. So there is a default IP address of the router.

For example, the default IP address of Linksys router is, Netgear has This IP address may change according to the model or the brand. You need to find the IP address of the computer and router.

Open the command prompt and in the command prompt type ipconfig . Hit enter on the keyboard. You will see the default gateway number. Note is down. This default gateway is the number that you are looking for.

Open the Internet browser like Internet explorer, Firefox, Chrome or safari.

In the address bar type the default gateway number and hit go.

Your computer will try to open the setup page of the router. There is a default user name and password to log in. For Linksys routers, the default password is admin, for Netgear , the default password is password and user name is admin. You need to check the user manual of your device.

Step 5: Change the Internet connection settings.

This is the main step of your network configuration.

According to your Internet service provider, you need to change the Internet connection settings.

In case of Cable Internet service, You need to clone the MAC address of the main computer.

In case of DSL Internet service, you need to change the PPPoE settings or you need to change the IP address of the router.

Easy steps to change the Internet connection settings.

Step 6: Change the wireless network settings.

Once you change the Internet connection settings successfully, your main wired computer will be able to access the Internet through the router.

Now change the wireless settings to create a new Wi-Fi for your laptop and other Wi-Fi devices.

Change the wireless network name SSID. Do not use default default SSID set by the manufacturer. Also I will suggest you, not to disable disable SSID broadcast. Many people will try to disable SSID broadcast as a security measure. But it is of no use. Windows 7 or windows vista computers can still detect these networks as unknown network.

Use WPA or WPA2 security mode. WEP security can be cracked easily.

You can also enable Wireless MAC address filter but I will suggest you not to do this. If you want to enable it then make sure that you are entering the correct MAC address of all the Wi-Fi devices.

Step 7: Connect to the wireless network.

Once you are done with the wireless settings, try to connect to the wireless network on all the Wi-Fi devices and computers. Make sure that you are using the correct network key. If you are using WEP encryption then your network key must be 10 or 26 digit hexa-decimal number.

How to connect to the wireless network.

Here is what I have for you.

More than 80% people are looking only for wireless network connection and initial setup or reconfiguration of the router. They are not able to connect to the network on laptop, xbox, playstation, wii, iPad, kindle.

It is really very easy. You just need proper steps and settings.

If you follow the steps properly, you will be able to do it. You don’t need any expert.

I believe, you know that many big companies are now charging for the technical support over the phone. And the charge for a single call is $30 or $40. I don’t think it is worth paying that much amount for a simple setup.

When I used take calls, I was also charging $30 for a single technical support call. Only 1 out of 10 people were ready to pay. What about others? Many of them will search for solution on Internet and end up buying a new router.

I can suggest you Easy Network Setup guide for your wireless router setup.



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